Dir: Shay Sherf
Development Fund: The Israeli Film Fund
Fiction, 80 min

Conspiracy Thriller based (mostly) on a true story.

10 years ago the Israeli Army tested an experimental Anthrax vaccine on the soldiers of an elite unit. The soldiers were asked to volunteer and tell no one about it, not even their families.

10 years later symptoms start emerging and the effects are severe. The Army denies any responsibility and a crew of documentary film makers set out to expose the story. When the Army learn about the new film in production, they try to end it, by any means necessary.

The Real Split

Dir: Roy Cohen
Development Fund: The New Israeli Foundation For Cinema & TV,
Documentary, 50 min

What's more important to you – living for hundreds of years or human solidarity?
Israel is a global center of technologies that facilitate human enhancement and life extension.
In this interview-based documentary,  we contrast technology-entrepreneurs' visions of the future
those of experts who warn against a state of irreversible inequality predicted once the rich world
introduces human enhancement technologies to the private market.