Life According to Ohad

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Israel 2014
80 min

Hebrew, English Subtitles

Broadcasters and Funds

Yes Docu

The new Fund for cinema and T.V.

The pais council for art and culture

Festivals and Awards

  • DocAviv - Special Jury Mention, Israel

  • True/False Film Festival- Missouri, USA

  • Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival, USA

  • IFF for the animals, Mostra, Brazil

  • Crossroads Festival For Documentary films, Austria

  • St. Louis International Film Festival, USA

  • 18th CinemAmbiente – Environmental Film Festival, Torino, Italy

Director: Eri Daniel Erlich

Cinematography: Eri Daniel Erlich
Editor: Era Lapid
Music: Jonathan Bar Giora

Colorist: Ron Ben Meir




Offical Website

Ohad, 32 years old, isn't in touch with his family for many years. When the loneliness gets to him he tries to reconnect with them. His parent’s dream of a real family dinner is finally about to come true, but Ohad has one condition: his parents need to get to know his world and learn why he stayed away in the first place.
Ohad is an Animal Rights activist, and he is committed to the cause; he lectures about the subject and breaks into farms to free animals.
Now begins a journey were both sides get to know each other’s worlds. Will both sides be able to meet half way? Can they all change and manage to reconnect?


Kusturica Dream

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bus station

Israel 2013

63 min

Hebrew & English, English Subtitles


Broadcasters and Funds
Israeli Channel 8

Festivals and Awards
Nomine for Best Debut Film - The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum



Hila Metzker

Ori Yaniv

Lior Veroslavski

Addi Gefen



Director: Eyal Sibi

Cinematography: Ariel Glikson, Tomer Bloch, Daniel Carsenty, Amnon Haas, Roy Refaely

Editor: Eyal Sibi, Mayan Arnon-Rabi, Taly Goldenberg

Story Consultant: Savi Gavison


Official Website



A film about one little love and big dreams.
Eyal has been in love with Hila for 3 years. They accidentally met online. He is a film maker; she studies to be an actress. He knew he fell in love with her from the moment he saw her. On set, he is relaxed and natural, but when they’re alone... he becomes shy and is lost for words.
He decides to go on a surreal and crazy trip to the Balkans to learn about free spirit and Joie de Vivre from his admired director, Emir Kusturica.
Despite the difficulties, he manages to find Kusturica and ask him to play a role in a film he’s directing; perhaps this will help him to summon the courage to tell Hila how he felt.
This is a surrealist documentary film about a quest for happiness, courage and fulfillment, which highlights our power to influence the course of our lives.


Elish's Notebooks

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Israel  2017
74 min

Hebrew, English Subtitles


Brodcasters and Funds

The Second Authority for TV and Radio

The New Fund for Cinema and TV

Festivals and Awards
DocAviv - Editing Prize


Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival, USA


Director: Golan Rise

Script: Golan Rise, Sharon Yaish

Editing: Sharon Yaish

Cinematography: Daniel Kedem

Soundtrack: Aviv Aldema

Music: Sharon Rise


82-year-old Elisheva Rise passed away. After her death, her children clear out her home, and find some journals. She secretly wrote to each of her seven children journals documenting 57 years, from their birth to the day she died. It was her life’s work. Every evening she would sit in her home in Kibbutz Ein Tzurim and write to her children, whom she had never hugged nor kissed. 

Now, they open the journals for the first time.

Following the treasure she left behind, they embark on an emotional and painful journey, learning about childhood, motherhood, and parenting.


Israel, 2019
62 min

Hebrew, English Subtitles

Broadcasters and Funds

Yes Docu

The New Fund for cinema and T.V.

The pais council for art and culture


Festival and Awards

Ophir Winner (Israeli Oscar winner best short Documentary 2019 - 60 min' long)

Director: Yael Shachar, Sharon Yaish

Cinematography: Yael Shaar
Editor: Sharon Yaish

Sound Design: Ronen Nagel
Music: Haim Frank Ilfman

 A Whore Like Me

a whore like me
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When Chile was 22, she was kidnapped from a pub in Hungary and sold to a group of Israelis who trafficked for prostitution. Today, twenty years later, Chile is a different woman, one who has managed to get out of the drug abuse cycle, celebrating 10 years of sobriety, and volunteering at the Levinsky Clinic to try and help women on the street. When the Ministry of Interior in Israel refuses to give Chile a resident certificate and to believe that she is a victim of trafficking in women, she goes looking for her kidnappers to obtain proof. The journey to the past forces Chile to return to the scene of prostitution, only this time with a little more power and a camera in hand. Chile begins to document and work through the trauma, but can you go back to your most painful place and stay alive?
Ophir Winner (Israeli Oscar winner best Documentary 2019)


Israeli Cinema - HerStory

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Production, 70 min movie 

& 10 minutes web episodes 

Hebrew, English Subtitles


Broadcasters and Funds

Gesher Film-Fund



Director: Smadar Zamir

Cinematography: Ran Aviad, Adi Moses 

A documentary film that is a retrospective for feature films from women in Israel. The film tells the story of the great storytellers of Israeli cinema - the directors.


One On One


Israel  2010
54 min

Hebrew, English Subtitles

Broadcasters and Funds
The New Found For Cinema & T.V.

The Second Authority for T.V. and Radio

Channel 10

Festivals and Awards

Cinema South Film Festival

Haifa Film Festival

Director  Dori Rivkin

Cinematography: Edan Sasson 

Editor: Roey Choen

Sound Design and mix: Alfred Tesler

“My father… I never called him father in first person singular. What’s the point? Father doesn’t hear”.

A touching film about a father and son’s journey in a search for their dreams. The father – Peretz Rivkin, former captain of the deaf basketball team, renounced his dream of being a basketball player to support his family.

His son, Dori, an up and coming filmmaker, decides to return his father to the basketball court. Along the way father and son discover that dreams change as years go by. They discover each other.