Dir: Alon Gur Arye
Development funded by Israeli Film Fund
Action Comedy, 100 min

Rami, a daring Mossad agent is sent to rescue an abducted American industrialist billionaire held hostile, and stop world destruction. If he fails, the chief of the Mossad will not receive a lifetime achievement award, broadcasted on national TV, an unacceptable consequence. The CIA sends Linda, who is an intelligence agent, to step in of this mission. The relations between Rami and Linda becomes like the relations between the United States and Israel. Linda offers the knowledge and the budget, and Rami wants to do things his way and take all the credit.
MOSSAD! pokes fun at the Israelis, Americans, Hollywood cinematic clichés and the wacky world we live in.
A Proof-Of-Concept of the film was produced under the name "Israeli Intelligence" and continues to screen regularly since its premiere at the 2007 at the Jerusalem Film Festival, wining number of international awards, including Best director, Best comedy, Audience choice award and Best SFX.