The Cathinone King

Dir: Uri Marantz
Funding and broadcasting: Yes Docu,

the new Israeli Fund for cinema and T.V, Jerualem Film Fund.
Documentary, Animation, 80 min

The true story of the Israeli scientist who became an international drug baron.
Gabi, a young Israeli scientist became fascinated by the psycho-active influences of the Khat plant. After a thorough study of the Israeli law of illegal substances he was surprised to find that Cathinone - the active substance in Khat- was not listed as an illegal substance .Following this revelation, he decided to try and synthesis the molecule by himself. What began years ago, as a harmful home experiment developed into a full-blown international operation that changed global approach toward drugs in a profound way. His synthetic Cathinone became known as Hagigat, the famous legal drug that conquered the streets of Tel-Aviv. Later, applying the same principals he created more than 30 new psycho-active molecules, and distributed them all around the globe.