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The City

In a dark city, in a fictional world, detective Joe is called upon by Sarah Bennett to help investigate the murder of her sister. Quickly, the plot thickens, and Joe finds himself facing the most notorious criminal mastermind in "The City". The first-ever Hebrew rap opera.


Nora lives with 500 bats in a shelter she built for them and for herself, but she discovers that no place is safe from pain, loss and love.

King khat

Israeli chemist becomes the 21st century's most notorious drug baron after inventing a legal psychoactive drug from Cathinone. As his empire grows, he must constantly navigate legal and ethical challenges while maintaining his power and influence.

A Whore Like me

Twenty years ago Chile was kidnapped from Hungary by a group of Israelis traffickers and was forced to work as a prostitute. Now she goes to look after her kidnappers. After she returns to hell, could she get out?

Lost Angeles

A Documentary Musical tale of a town left behind and one watchmaker fighting against time.

Red Leaves

An Ethiopian immigrant, sets out on a journey through his children’s homes after losing his wife. Coming to know some of life’s harsh new realities, he tries to survive in his own way.


Eid’s dream is to make theater. His dream shatters once his parents arrange a B’adal marriage for him.
Work in Progress