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King Khat

Israeli chemist becomes the 21st century’s most notorious drug baron after inventing a legal psychoactive drug from Cathinone.

The City

Detective Joe is called upon by Sarah Bennett to help investigate the murder of her sister. The first-ever Hebrew rap opera.


Action-Comedy, Parody of the Israeli Mossad. An Israel Mossad agent competes with a CIA agent to save the world.


A childless young ultraorthodox couple faces a crisis raising fundamental questions about faith and trust after a traumatic treatment


A woman wakes up one morning after dreaming that she murdered her husband and discovers that he has disappeared from her life.

Red Leaves

An Ethiopian immigrant, sets out on a journey through his children’s homes after losing his wife. Coming to know some of life’s harsh new realities, he tries to survive in his own way.

The Interrogation

Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höss, the longest-serving commander of Auschwitz concentration camp, is awaiting trial in a Polish prison.

Between Worlds

Moments after a terror attack in Jerusalem two woman meet at the hospital. While getting acquainted, one of them struggles to conceal her identity.


Seven years after discharging from the army, a group of soldiers discover that an experiment they volunteered to has a destructive effect.

Herzl’s Susita

A Tel Aviv film teacher is forced to teach a high school in Sderot. This year will be a life changing journey