A group of Thai workers that holds alive a remote agricultural village near to the dead sea, that is facing a collapse.

The Whale

A rocket scientist, an architect and a Bible teacher are swept into the Mediterranean Sea to fight for life and death against a huge gas rig.

Into the soul

A photography group for hospitalized patients gives an intimate glimpse to a different point of view.


A self-documented Journey back home to reunite with my ultra-orthodox family after breaking contacts with them for over 15 years.

School of Peace

A Documentary film about a school established by Israeli based “Hashomer Hazair” in a refugee camp set up in Lasbus, Greece.

Love Till 120

A Documentary film by Sharon Ryba-Kahn about love, life and aging – what remains with us at the end?

Death Angel

A glimpse to the Oncology Hospice in Tel-Hashomer where patients spend their last moments in life.

The Land of the Lost Children

A magical and poetic glimpse in to an established German community whose values are opposed to those of modern capitalism and even fight against it.