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Acre Wall Jumpers

During the hot summer days in Acre, children and teens jump from the walls of the old city into the cool sea waters below.


The special and unique bond between an aging Israeli farmer and his Thai workers raises critical questions regarding identity and agendas.

Alex’s Group

Eight individuals, connected by post-trauma, find healing and connection through therapeutic photography guided by Israel Prize-winning photographer Alex Levac.


Nora lives in a shelter for bats she built, she discovers that no place is safe from pain, loss and love


14-year-old Kiki is sentenced to juvenile prison. His sister, convinces the authorities to give him one last chance.

A Whore Like Me

Twenty years ago Chile was kidnapped from Hungary by Israeli sex traffickers and was forced to work as a prostitute. Now she wants to find her kidnappers.

Elish’s Notebooks

Seven Children, Seven Diaries, Seven life stories, and one Woman. Handwritten in students’ notebooks Elisheva documented 57 years of raising her children.

On the Threshold

Tomer, fighting depression, locks himself in his room for five years. He finally breaks the boundaries of his prison with the power of art, back into the arms of his wife and children.

Life According to Ohad

Ohad is an animal-rights activist. After years of being cut off from his family, he tries to reconnect, but their decision to eat meat still stands in his way.

Kusturica Dream

Eyal, a shy young filmmaker, musters up his courage and travels to Emir Kusturica’s village to convince the Serbian director to come to Tel Aviv to be a guest actor in his feature film.

Blind spot

A group of Fathers of children with cancer set out on a journey in Romania. Away from their familiar environment, they are able to stop denying and start coping.

The Boss Theory

A film about Prof. Ariel Darvasi Boss Theory- Who is the real boss navigating our life? Do we make decisions on full consciousness?

One Way Street

One foreign city, one city center condo, one back window, one old radio, one way street, one different point of view.

In his Own Way

Eliasaf Peretz, that bereaved his two brothers, tries to become a hero himself. A hero in life, not in death.

The Hidden

“Der Nister” (The Hidden), that’s how Colleen Shabtai called the house where she dreamed of a happy family. Together with Aaron Shabtai, she raised six children in a Jerusalem house until they got divorced.

Beyond the Frame

Two photojournalists from the South, trying to survive in a vanishing profession that forces them to make a daily choice between the job and their family.

One On One

Father and son’s journey in search of their dreams