Kusturica Dream

A Film By Eyal Sibi
Nominee for Best Debut Film
The Documentary Forum in Israel
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A film about one little love and big dreams. Eyal is in love with Hila for 3 years. They accidentally met online. He is a film maker; she is an acting student. He knew he fell in love with her from the moment he saw her. On set, he is relaxed and natural, but when they’re alone… he becomes shy and speechless. He decides to go on a surreal and crazy trip to the Balkans to learn about free spirit and Joie de Vivre from his admired director, Emir Kusturica. Despite the difficulties, he manages to find Kusturica and ask him to play a role in the film he’s directing; perhaps this will help him to summon the courage to tell Hila how he feels. A surrealist documentary film about a quest for happiness, courage, and fulfillment, which highlights our power to influence the course of our lives.

Hila Metzker
Ori Yaniv
Lior Veroslavski
Addi Gefen


Haggai Arad & Elad Peleg
Eyal Sibi
Ariel Glikson, Tomer Bloch, Daniel Carsenty, Amnon Haas, Roy Refaely
Eyal Sibi, Mayan Arnon-Rabi, Taly Goldenberg
Story Consultant
Savi Gavison
Shira Arad
Sound Design
Amir Levi
Picture Design
Aharon peer
Israel 2013, 63 min


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✦ Nomine for Best Debut Film - The Documentary Forum in Israel

Broadcasters and Funds

✦ Noga Media
✦ Channel 8 TV site, Israel

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