Alex’s Group

A Film By Yonatan Nir
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Four women and four men, who make up a mosaic of Israeli society, meet for a therapeutic photography group directed by Israel Prize winning photographer Alex Levac, at Lev Hasharon Psychiatric Hospital, over the course of one year.

Each and every one of the group’s participants is related in one way or another to post-trauma.

There is a mother to a post-traumatic young veteran soldier, a wife of, a child of, a woman who served as a combat fighter and four men of various ages, most of whom are not defined or recognized as post-traumatic.

From Levac’s iconic photos and from photos that the participants bring themselves, a meaningful discourse develops about post-trauma as a social phenomenon, about its impact that passes through generations and finally, about the possibility to grow from it through sharing, recognition, creation, humanity and compassion.


Haggai Arad, Aharon Peer, Elad Peleg
Yonatan Nir
Yoav Kleinman, Ran Aviad
Eyal Tzarfati
Original Music
Gilad Vitel Shimon
Soundtrack Design
Ami Arad
Yoni Goodman
Aharon Peer
Israel, 2023, 60 minutes


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Broadcasters and Funds

✦ Yes Docu
✦ Rabinovich Foundation- Cinema Project
✦ Gesher Film Fund